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Dizajnerski zidni satovi - TikTak clocks
  • you beginn most sentences with 'jebiga'
  • you can not explain what 'bolan' means, but you use it all the time
  • your mother insists that 'promaja' will kill you
  • older people call you 'sine' although you are a girl
  • your mother tells you to wear 'potkosulju' no matter what the temperature outside
  • you tuck your 'potkosulju' into your underwear
  • your father refers to all politican with 'djubrad', 'lopov' and 'kriminalac'
  • your mother still makes your bed
  • you have 150 kg and your grandmother still thinks you are too thinn
  • your mother treathens you with 'samo cekaj dok ti dodje caca kuci'
  • you are 6 and your father sends you out to buy him 'Drina' and 'Sarajevsko'
  • you start your day with a cup of coffee and a cigarette
  • your mother won't acept the fact that you are not hungry
  • you have 'pita' for dinner at least 4 days a week. 
  • you tell bosnian girl to do something and she responds with: 'ocu kurac'
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